How to get those Free Ps4 Games in 2019!

I just got the new game Rage 2 for free on my ps4 and here is my review:

Simply put, Rage 2 is if Doom (2016) and Mad Max had a kid but the kid isn’t as good as either of his parents. The shooting is fun. If you’ve played Doom (2016) then you’ll feel at home with the guns since some of them are literal reskins from the game. After 5 hours in, I kinda felt like I hit it’s peak. Sure the diverse factions were cool, but I did the same handful of activities over and over again. The main quest was like 7 or 8 missions which ranged from 10-20 minutes each on normal. I thought I was gonna use the wingstick a lot, but when there’s so many armor enemies, I just ended up using grenades and gun drones instead. The upgrade system is ok I guess. You can choose your gun upgrades (Mass Effect 2 upgrade system) and your suit and ability upgrades are pretty sweet too. The first few hours were tough but after you start getting your abilities, you’re gonna steamroll through every single fight. Car controls aren’t that good and although attacking the convoys was fun, there only give parts for upgrading your main car. This would have been great if I hadn’t been exploring the small world and upgrading the car almost to the max in order to attack the convoys. I’ve give Bethesda props for actually letting you drive any vehicle you see. Problem is you’re really only gonna use 3 of them (the main and only upgradable, the flying helicopter for quick travel, and the one for the main quest). The rest are pretty much useless and/or don’t even have weapons. Btw, you’re main vehicle literally looks like the one from ME: Andromeda and literally sounds like it too…and drives like it xD. I probably spent 5 hours of my time looking for hidden chests that I couldn’t locate since I happened to chosen to do the science npc questline last which helps you find hidden chests/goodies much easier. I’m running with a GTX 1060 so I’m slightly (as opposed to a 1070) under the recommended requirements, but I don’t think the graphics should be this bland. It’s like a washed out Fallout 4. The framerate is great though (I hear they downgraded the graphics). I only stuttered twice when a certain mini boss would attack me. Speaking of, it seems like they took quite a few assets from Fallout 4/76 Doom (2016), and Dishonored (Buildings, Guns, UI, Items/Junk to pick up). So the microtransactions are currently golden weapon skins. It WOULD have been ok if they didn’t cost $10,000 each in-game to unlock. They are by far the most expensive thing in the game. Even more expensive than the cheat codes you can buy from the Wasteland Wizard npc (from $0-2,000). If I were to grind by selling a car outside the first town ($400 a minute), it would take me 25 minutes to get a single golden skin. I didn’t even use any of the other skins I unlocked because I was too busy shooting or driving. Regarding the Wasteland Wizard, I just spent the past 30 minutes trying to find him with no luck since he keeps moving to his 6-7 different locations #wastemytime2019. The world is pretty empty tbh. Only a few NPCs were interesting. I almost went back to playing other games today, but decided to get this game over with. Now if you wondering how I got it for free, check this out: how to get free games on ps4

Pros: Shooting mechanics, Abilities, Enemy limbs can be blown off, Cool vehicle convoy fight, “See that car, you can drive it”
Cons: STORY (they did it again), Voice actors, Bugs, Microtransactions, Empty world, Bland and lazy achievements, Graphics “16 times the detail” lol jk

Play Doom (2016) or Mad Max which both did what this game sadly couldn’t. Only benefit with this game is that you get both in one but a lesser version of it. Wait for sale if you really intend to get this game.

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